For Everyone Who Is Sexually Attracted To Young Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Because we are sorry but not sorry for objectifying you, Neil deGrasse Fine-son.

1. Many (completely right) people think astrophysicist and general bad ass Neil deGrasse Tyson is attractive due to his very large brain.

FOX / Via

2. But it’s important to note that YOUNG Neil deGrasse Tyson was on an entirely other, almost astronomical, level of fine.

3. Just try to find his best feature. Just try.

You won’t, because all of them are the best.

4. He had the arms and body of an angel.

5. JESUS THOSE BICEPS. Not to mention his smize game. He even has a great watch. EVERYTHING ON HIM IS BETTER.

6. So of course he was swarmed with ladies before he got famous. Of freaking course.

7. So while current Neil deGrasse Tyson is obviously also a sexual magician worthy of your love and adoration…

8. …It is basically impossible not to objectify vintage Neil. Just try it. I DARE YOU.


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