The 23 Worst Parts Of Renting An Apartment

Isn’t this supposed to be easier than buying a house?

1. If your rent is reasonable, it’s because your neighborhood is terrible or located on the moon.

2. Being banned from painting, hanging pictures, or making any changes that might make your place not look like an asylum.

You’ve seen jail cells that are more warm and inviting.

3. Slowly realizing that your unit is far more busted than you thought.

4. Those delightful hidden fees and charges that seem to always pop up.

5. The best views can be seen from the roof…which you’re never allowed to go on.

What is so bad about going on the roof? Is the roof haunted?

6. Not realizing how small your kitchen is until you actually try to make something in it.

You always forget how much space your microwave is going to take up.

7. Depending on your landlord for every repair when he is the person you least want to interact with.

8. When things don’t get fixed until it’s too late.

What are you supposed to do now, use the spare kitchen?

9. When your landlord calls in a “professional” to fix something.

That’s a purrfessional.

10. No matter how big the place looked while empty, there is never enough storage space.

11. The grass outside your building is a free-for-all for neighbors with dogs.

12. Shared washers and dryers are like the Wild Wild West for underwear.

13. That goes double for shared amenities.

14. No AC means getting creative.

15. Knowing that you can’t call the landlord about the leaking faucet until your place at least LOOKS clean.

16. When the cool neighbors move away…

17. …and are replaced by the neighbors who are professional noisemakers.

18. Or people who take oversharing to entirely new levels.

19. Or people who are just IRL trolls.

20. Seeing your neighbors in the hall, and treating them like terrible people you must avoid.

21. When you finally give up on making your apartment a home, because “it’s just temporary, anyway.”

Right? RIGHT?

22. Being stuck in a lease that makes you utterly miserable.

23. But not nearly as miserable as your landlord will make you if you try to break it.

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