The 10 Most Life-Changing Things Joseph Gordon-Levitt Said In His Reddit AMA

Your world will never be the same.

We learned many things from Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his delightful Reddit AMA last night.


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1. He writes haikus about fapping.

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2. He’s going to marry you, and it’s going to be classy as hell.

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3. He’s a cheeky little French-speaker.

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4. He’s concerned about his breast size.

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5. He has zero shame.

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6. He can make you ugly cry.

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7. He’s a man willing to admit his shortcomings.

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8. He loves all your thoughts.

Via Pascal Le Segretain / Getty
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9. He is a geek of discerning tastes.

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10. He has dimple-sized enthusiasm for his fangirls.

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