29 Problems Only Procrastinators Understand

This is why we can’t accomplish nice things.

1. You dread Sunday afternoons, because by then you know that you’re running out of time to put things off.

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2. When you have to pretend like your rushed work isn’t totally shitty.


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3. You live off of Redbull and coffee, since you’re constantly pulling off or recovering from an all-nighter.

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4. Sometimes even the smallest task can feel like the WORST THING you’ve ever had to do.

Does this involve pants? ‘Cause if so, I want nothing to do with it.

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5. If you MUST be online to get something done, you are totally screwed.

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6. Thinking that you’ll “just do some research on Wikipedia, first!” is a recipe for disaster.

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Well, it’s been nice knowing you, afternoon.

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7. You tell yourself that you’ll get off Facebook as soon as you’re caught up. You forget that Facebook is a site that’s DESIGNED to never let you be caught up on it.

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8. You always think that future you is a magic superhero who can accomplish anything.

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9. It could take years for all of your furniture to get put together properly.

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10. You put off so many things at once, that it gets hard to give your full attention to anything.

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11. You spend as much time justifying your decision to put stuff off as you would JUST GETTING IT DONE.

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12. You know that you can’t possibly get started on something until you feed yourself. What else will you use for fuel?

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13. You’ve tried to bribe yourself with a pre-work nap.

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14. You dread starting some tasks so much that choosing instead to clean everything actually seems like more fun.

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Which is probably also something you’ve been putting off, so it sort of works?

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15. You’re pretty good at accomplishing virtually anything else besides the thing you’re supposed to be accomplishing.

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16. Being assigned a huge project that can’t be crammed into one all-nighter is such a drag.

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17. You’re constantly hoping that no one has noticed that you’re late finishing something.

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Lookin’ at you, me.

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18. Your guilt about disappointing people follows you around like a mean mommy.

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19. Sometimes you’ll put things off just because you’re afraid you’ll do them badly.

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20. It doesn’t bother you when Netflix takes movies off streaming… because you’ve already seen all of them.

Major project due, you say? Sounds like a good time to watch/learn about the existence of the second Percy Jackson movie!

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21. When you get something that you’ve had months to do done MAGICALLY in two hours…which unfortunately makes you think that you can do it again.

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22. You are always on the verge of starting the greatest exercise plan the world has ever seen.

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23. You’re up on all the latest tricks to make all your papers seem longer than they actually are.

Step one: Convince teachers that Comic Sans is making a comeback.

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24. You never remember how long it takes to print anything.

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25. That exact moment when you know that there is no way you’re going to get something done on time.


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26. Tickets for everything are always double what they were originally by the time you get to buying them.


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27. You give all your gifts two weeks after you were supposed to give them.

At least you make the holidays last longer?

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28. You’ve gotten way too good at pretending like you are working.

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29. You’re always looking forward to tomorrow, because you are sure that tomorrow is the day when you will get your shit together.

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