23 Most Annoying Things About Being A Female Sports Fan

Most of the time, sports are awesome fun for everyone. And then sometimes, this crap happens.

1. When people assume that you like a sport for the man candy.

Trust us, there are a billion faster and simpler ways to see man candy.

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2. Or worse, when people think that you’re only into it because your boyfriend is…

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3. And if you DID get into a sport because of a boyfriend, the judgement train is unending.


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4. When your mom accuses you of being unladylike while watching games.

C’mon mom, it’s 2013! Everybody is unladylike!

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5. When you have something insightful to say about a player, and nobody wants any of it.

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6. When you get too excited about a play, and you learn what a room full of straight dudes throwing shade looks like.

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7. But if YOU complain about a dude getting too into a game, you get called a nag.


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8. When you can’t watch a game because all your other lady friends just want to watch Housewives.

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9. Which means that when you check scores and learn that your team won, there’s no one to high-five.


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10. When you’re watching at the bar, and some random person (male or female) tries to high-five some other part of your body.

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11. When someone will not stop condescendingly explaining the game to you.

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12. You have to deal with patronizing women’s sports apparel, like this thong:

Our lady parts do not need to declare their team allegiances to the insides of our pants, we promise.

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And this garter:

ID: 1470743

13. Shirts that forgo a team’s actual colors for trendier ones.

Because obviously women will not buy sports apparel if they think their team’s colors look bad on them.

ID: 1470745

14. Or clothing items that are pink for no good reason.

Breast cancer fundraising or GTFO.

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15. Plus, ladies always be needin’ mirrors, amirite?

ID: 1470780

16. When you’re making Thanksgiving dinner with your family, and your female relatives won’t let you watch football with the dudes.

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17. When you tell someone that you’re a fan of a team, and they make you take a goddamned quiz to prove it.

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18. The Lingerie Bowl is super awkward.

Girl, you are going to get scraped up to hell.

ID: 1474875

19. When other ladies do not consider overtime to be an acceptable excuse to cancel plans.

ID: 1474916

20. When people guilt you for not watching the WNBA as much as the NBA.

Because LOOK AT THAT, there is no excuse, we know, we know.

ID: 1474975

21. When you guilt yourself whenever you stop to think about how women can be treated at ESPN.

ID: 1475037

Well, crap.

ID: 1475040

22. When you get left out of a boys-only fantasy league.

ID: 1475578

23. Knowing that none of this stuff is worth giving up watching your teams for.

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