2013 Was The Year Sriracha Made Everything Better

Sriracha made everything more awesome this year. And I mean EVERYTHING.

1. Sriracha improved these boring old potato chips:


4. These plain-Jane candy canes:

J&D’s / Via

6. This absolutely inspired window display:

(Yes, that is a skeleton wearing a sriracha suit:)

9. This meaningful graffiti:

10. This terrifying Halloween costume:

11. This pug’s Halloween costume:

12. The world of documentary films:

13. This iconic image from American Psycho:

14. These run-of-the-mill flats:

15. And these run-of-the-mill heels:

16. This completely average caramel apple:

17. This ordinary Subway chicken melt:

18. This L.A. street festival:

19. This Huy Fong Foods factory:

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

20. This fight over a Huy Fong Foods factory shut down:

Yes, this is a banner the Huy Fong Foods factory really put up in response to having their Sriracha production halted by the City of Irwindale. SRIRACHA MADE PEOPLE BOLD.

21. And this eBay listing:

Yes, $10,000 is the amount of money someone really thinks they can get for what is supposedly “the last packet of Sriracha ever made.” SRIRACHA MADE PEOPLE BRAVE.

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