2013 Was The Year Sriracha Made Everything Better

Sriracha made everything more awesome this year. And I mean EVERYTHING.

1. Sriracha improved these boring old potato chips:

ID: 2069716

2. This ho-hum vodka:

ID: 2069526

3. This baby:

ID: 2100276

4. These plain-Jane candy canes:

J&D’s / Via
ID: 2069560

5. This lady’s dress:

ID: 2095096

6. This absolutely inspired window display:

ID: 2095090

(Yes, that is a skeleton wearing a sriracha suit:)

ID: 2095028

7. This puppy’s name:

ID: 2095042

8. This lame banana:

ID: 2095078

9. This meaningful graffiti:

ID: 2095199

10. This terrifying Halloween costume:

ID: 2099790

11. This pug’s Halloween costume:

ID: 2099877

12. The world of documentary films:

ID: 2077276

13. This iconic image from American Psycho:

ID: 2095173

14. These run-of-the-mill flats:

ID: 2095224

15. And these run-of-the-mill heels:

ID: 2100080

16. This completely average caramel apple:

ID: 2100057

17. This ordinary Subway chicken melt:

ID: 2095239

18. This L.A. street festival:

ID: 2099912

19. This Huy Fong Foods factory:

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters
ID: 2099634

20. This fight over a Huy Fong Foods factory shut down:

Yes, this is a banner the Huy Fong Foods factory really put up in response to having their Sriracha production halted by the City of Irwindale. SRIRACHA MADE PEOPLE BOLD.

ID: 2099545

21. And this eBay listing:

Yes, $10,000 is the amount of money someone really thinks they can get for what is supposedly “the last packet of Sriracha ever made.” SRIRACHA MADE PEOPLE BRAVE.

ID: 2069712

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