11 Times Orlando Bloom’s Legolas Was Showing

Orlando Bloom, never change your beautiful awkward face.

1. That moment when Will Turner realized it wasn’t his moment.

ID: 2573107

2. That moment when he demonstrated his attractiveness on Extras.

ID: 2566523

3. When Will Turner’s entire world narrowed to a person-sized hamster wheel.

ID: 2573258

4. That time Drew Baylor would have rather taken a nap than hang out with that manic pixie dream girl.

ID: 2566579

5. When the Duke of Buckingham’s rage welled up over his high collar.

ID: 2568240

6. When he was like, Listen arm, I’m trying to to get up why you gotta bring me down in Midsomer Murders.

ID: 2567301

7. When the Calcium Kid realized he might as well try simply walking into Mordor.

ID: 2567692

8. That time Paris of Troy was clearly expecting Aragorn instead of Eric Bana.

ID: 2567357

9. That time when just as confused by golf in The Good Doctor as the rest of the world is all the time.

ID: 2573377

10. That time Balian of Ibelin’s flowing battle locks made you nostalgic for blonde extensions.

ID: 2572407

11. That moment before Will Turner realizes his true love isn’t going to run away with Barbossa.

ID: 2566152

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