17 Things That All New Yorkers Fear

Hearing the phrase, “Excuse me do you have a minute for…”

1. Being on this rush-hour train.

ID: 731748

2. Getting food poisoning from the hunk of meat that’s been roasting all day.

Halal carts: So delicious yet so suspicious.

ID: 734774

3. This metal death trap, aka the fire escape.

ID: 731833

4. Getting sidewalk-trapped by this children/animals/environmental volunteer gauntlet.

“Excuse me, do you have a minute for…”

ID: 734879

5. Losing an eye every time it rains.

ID: 735235

6. Having a sidewalk cellar door buckle under you while walking.

ID: 733329

7. Delivery guys that are way too intense.

Stay off the sidewalks, bro.

ID: 735194

8. Walking under this rickety piece of shit while it’s being built.

ID: 733198

9. The world’s largest store.

AKA the Macy’s on 34th St.

ID: 736316

10. Cabbies who drive like they’re in “The Fast and the Furious.”


ID: 733255

11. Their personal trainer.

This is from the David Barton Gym on Astor Place. Equal parts terrifying and confusing.

ID: 737833

12. Walking over subway grates.

Sometimes it’s a two-foot drop, other times it’s a two-story drop.

ID: 734752

13. Death by waiting in line.

The line for Shakespeare in the Park tickets.

ID: 735278

14. That someone’s going to steal your brunch table after you waited outside for 45 minutes.

ID: 736285

15. That their favorite bar will suddenly one day without warning become:

ID: 737741

17. Times Square.

ID: 734826

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