15 Perfect Smiles You Can’t Help But Fall In Love With

As if you needed another excuse to love these celebs.

1. Lee Pace bb lemme smush my face on ur face.

2. This is the smile you bring home to meet your parents.


Chris Evans

3. My entire world is tilting on the axis of your beautiful crooked smile Ian Somerhalder.

4. …….lip………licking…………………………….

Tom Hiddleston

5. Oh, you know, it’s just Steven Yuen, casually lighting up my world.


6. …..omfg the perfect framing of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s perfect dimpled smile by this perfect silver fox beard i just can’t….

7. [blinded by perfection]

Josh Holloway

8. Daniel Dae Kim’s smile is like the first kiss of the sunrise that you’re watching on beach on an unnamed yet sinister island.



Dylan O’Brien

10. …..jealous…..of…..a…….pen……

Jensen Ackles

11. [can’t talk about Ben Whishaw because i’ve melted into a puddle on the floor]

12. The depth of my love for Joseph Morgan is directly proportional to the exact amount of wicked amusement in his smirk.

13. This is just fucking rude.


Robert Downey Jr.

14. [literally can’t breathe right now]

Idris Elba

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