35 Life Lessons You Learned From "The Powerpuff Girls"

It’s not worth being a villain because they still have to do tons of paperwork. Also one third of every room you’re in hates kitties.

1. Wait your turn or a green evil monkey in a turban will make this face at you.


ID: 957037

2. Do not help old ladies across the street unless you want a purse to the face.

ID: 957046

3. Not even superpowers will help you figure out boys.

ID: 957051

4. Getting older isn’t the same thing as growing up.

ID: 957058

5. Never sing unsolicited.

ID: 957073

7. Or don’t. That’s good too.

ID: 957456

8. Voodoo is not applicable to menial chores.

ID: 957088

9. Affection is, unfortunately, earned.

ID: 957857

10. This is how you do F@%! OFF face.

ID: 957112

11. Everything’s more fun with disguises.

ID: 957127

12. Anyone can “art”.

ID: 957137


ID: 957138

14. Always trust an adult whose face you’ve never seen.

ID: 957150

15. The alternate universe version of you will inevitable be way more punk rock.

ID: 957163

16. This is the most painful form of torture.

ID: 957171

17. Villains aren’t born evil.

ID: 957184

18. But they still have to do paperwork.

ID: 957189

19. Ladies want you to talk science to them.

ID: 957202

20. Some people are just meant to be followers.

ID: 957209

21. The secret to perfect hair is to make sure it has a life of its own.

ID: 957223

22. The band aid approach is the best way to deal with breakups.

ID: 957331

23. Sometimes this is the best way to solve problems.

ID: 957342

24. What you want is fortune, what you get is a platitude.

ID: 957354

25. There are some problems that even castles can’t solve.

ID: 957366

27. Don’t fall in with a bad crowd.

ID: 957413

29. Those who seem the craziest often have the best advice.

ID: 957427

30. There’s no such thing as a dumb question.

ID: 957443

31. Just because someone like you hasn’t done it before doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t.

ID: 957613

32. You can find anything on the internet.

ID: 957624

33. Dress however you want.

ID: 957829

34. You’re probably smarter than everyone else around you.

ID: 957912

35. One third of every room you’ll ever be in hates kitties.

ID: 957917

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