16 Heartwarming GIF Sets Of Disneyland That Will Transport You To The ’60s

I want to time travel to there.

1. Walt Disney adorably failing to cut a ribbon at the opening of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

ID: 2856587

2. The Disney-Alweg monorail.

ID: 2854715

3. The double-decker (!!!) horse and carriage ride down Main St.

ID: 2854753

4. The (semi-terrifying) Winnie the Pooh parade.

ID: 2854801
ID: 2854817

5. Fantasy on Parade.

ID: 2854842
ID: 2854853

6. The Peter Pan float, which includes a trampoline for Wendy to bounce on.

ID: 2854873

7. Walt Disney on the inaugural run of the E.P. Ripley.


Which happens to pass by Mark Twain Riverboat on it’s shakedown cruise.

ID: 2856318

8. The grand opening of New Orleans Square.

ID: 2854898
ID: 2854904

9. The Jungle Cruise, complete with a gun toting guide through the wilderness.

ID: 2854972
ID: 2854982

10. The grand opening of It’s a Small World (Walt Disney presiding).

ID: 2855074
ID: 2855088

11. A jetpack demonstration at Tomorrowland.

ID: 2855115
ID: 2855125

12. The Primeval World.

ID: 2855326

You too could have fed an animatronic dinosaur.

ID: 2856647

13. Walt Disney on the Matterhorn bobsleds.


With the Shah of Iran and his wife.

ID: 2855697

14. The nightly lighting up of Disneyland.

ID: 2855947
ID: 2855957

(Frontierland clearly has the best lights display)

Disney / Via randar.com
ID: 2855960

15. Jazz on the River of Americas.

ID: 2855844
ID: 2855867
ID: 2855878

16. Disneyland at night during the fireworks celebration.

ID: 2855715
ID: 2855790

Bonus! The building of Main St., Disneyland.

ID: 2845013
ID: 2845020

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