19 Gifts Idris Elba Gave The World

In honor of his birthday, let’s take a moment to appreciate this man the way he deserves.

1. The gift of beatboxing.

In this weird not Albert Einstein wig.

ID: 1599303

2. The gift of being really considerate before bedtime.

ID: 1599356

3. The gift of being a lady in the street but a freak in the sheets.

ID: 1599364

4. The gift of the most comforting smile in the world.

ID: 1599374

5. The gift of perfect photobooth technique.

ID: 1599386

6. The gift of….uh….all of this.

ID: 1599400

7. The gift of all this fucking malevolent smolder.

ID: 1599410

8. The gift of dad jokes.

ID: 1599438

9. And not so Dad jokes.

ID: 1603765

10. The gift of self-awareness.

ID: 1599445

11. The gift of making the military look good.

ID: 1599474

12. The gift of an A+ selfie game.

ID: 1599567

13. The gift of Christmas.

ID: 1599583

14. The gift of real talk.

ID: 1599606

15. The gift of fucking sass.

ID: 1599716

16. The gift of procrastination.

ID: 1599778

17. The gift of saving the ENTIRE WORLD.

ID: 1599956

18. The gift of intergalactic pizza.

ID: 1600880

19. The gift of this promise.


ID: 1599929

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