33 Things Only ’90s Hogwarts Kids Will Understand

*takes pet owl for a romantic winter stroll*

1. Taking your pet owl for a romantic winter stroll.


Until that bitch got uppity and unappreciative and tried to fly away.

ID: 3532126

2. Having a panic attack over your impromptu shitty tattoo in the boys’ bathroom.

ID: 3532144

3. Trying not to see dicks in Divination.

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IDK, it’s like a real nice doge or something? Definitely not a dick. 1,000% not a dick.

ID: 3532172

4. Wandering after mythical creatures that could easily kill your frail magical body.

ID: 3532246

5. Getting schooled by a Muggle-born.

ID: 3532262

6. Resisting the urge to ban(ish) all men.

ID: 3532299

7. Marrying your wizard school sweetheart.

ID: 3532322

8. Being too excited to actually open your letter.

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9. Realizing Hogwarts runs through your veins.

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10. Getting into fights with your friends.

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ID: 3532450

11. Perfecting bitch face.

ID: 3532486


ID: 3532513

13. Enjoying some heartfelt butt cake.

ID: 3532592

14. Dealing with a major vermin problem.

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ID: 3532674

15. Learning how to make murder magical.

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ID: 3532692

16. Trying (and failing) to make talking hats werq.

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ID: 3532799

17. Losing yourself in a good *book.

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*or chamber, preferably filled with secrets

ID: 3532851

18. Protesting pink skirt suits.

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ID: 3533030

19. ~Managing Mischief~

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ID: 3533086

20. Putting pure-bloods in their place.

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ID: 3533182

21. Getting a rise out of your ~broom~.

ID: 3533235

22. Getting super emotional about charades.

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Warner Bros.

ID: 3533260

23. SPEWing socks.

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ID: 3533513

24. Realizing that cats are smarter than you.

Warner Bros. / Via bloodydifficult.tumblr.com
ID: 3533625

25. Learning to live that #bodypositive life.

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ID: 3533663

26. Learning how quickly your soul can leave your body.

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ID: 3533704

27. Throwing up in front of the whole school.

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ID: 3533539

28. Out stepping Step Up.

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ID: 3533926

29. Caricatures of caricatures of caricatures.

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ID: 3533953

30. Rebelling with a cause.

ID: 3533995

31. Struggling to find a place to take a bath with your egg in peace.

Warner Bros. / Via hpfansblog.tumblr.com
ID: 3534026

32. Crushing pieces of That Bitch Who Must Not Be Named’s soul.

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ID: 3534083

33. Partying hard.

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ID: 3534091

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