13 Places Children Should Never Be

Bad parents or worst parents?

1. The Floor of Gas Station Convenience Store

Hello child services?

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2. In a Bar

These children’s parents have ruined it for everyone.

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3. Strip Clubs

Especially on stage.

ID: 685677

4. In a Hot Car

The return line at Kohl’s will never be just five minutes. Take them with you.

ID: 685764

5. This Close to a Bear

Person who is taking the photograph: PLEASE BE MORE CONCERNED.

ID: 685946

6. Under Your Ass


ID: 685951

7. At an Insane Clown Posse Concert

Go ahead and crack that soft, soft dome ninja.

ID: 685980

8. In the Bathroom While You’re Hooking Up With That Gross Dude

Please excuse me while I throw up in my mouth.

ID: 686059

9. At a Drug Deal

If your dealer offers to smoke you up as long as you’re cool with sharing with their baby…it’s time to get a new dealer.

ID: 686065

10. In the Overhead Luggage Compartment on an Airplane

Are you fucking serious?

ID: 686089

11. In a Kennel

Buy. A. Crib.

ID: 686153

12. In the Middle of Covered Pool

There’s a reason kids aren’t allowed to make their own decisions.

ID: 686295

13. A Fleshlight Promotional Event


ID: 686483

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