16 Reasons To Love Maisie Williams

And not just because she’s on Game Of Thrones.

1. She’s Arya Stark!

Like you need any another reason to love her. Although there are plenty more.

2. She is hands down the best at Vine.

3. Remember her reaction to the Game Of Thrones “Red Wedding” episode?


4. She’s cute when she picks up awards.

6. She’s best mates with her co-star Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark in real life.

7. And they spend their time together doing things like this.

We personally preferred their version to Miley’s.

8. She speaks her mind.

9. And is equally frank on Twitter.


10. She doesn’t take herself very seriously.

12. She’s also good value on Instagram.

13. She’s a total badass on screen.

14. But off screen she likes a good old dance.

15. And in fact once took part in a flash mob on the streets of Bath.

16. And she always entertains.

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