32 Reasons To Worship Dolly Parton

All bow down to the country queen. We will forever be in your shadow.

1. Dolly Parton.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

2. The icon.

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3. The legend.


4. The sassy blonde bombshell.

5. Who started singing at the tender age of 7.

6. Not only is she a true beauty.

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7. And a phenomenally talented singer and songwriter.

8. But she gets points for simply introducing “Jolene” into our lives.

Ian West/PA Archive/Press Association Images

9. As well as “9 to 5”. <3 <3 <3

REX USA/Moviestore Collection / Rex

10. Not to mention the 100 million albums she’s sold over the last 40 years.

RCA Nashville

Blue Eye/Sugar Hill

Blue Eye/Columbia


11. She’s a glamorous country goddess.

12. With the best one liners in the business.

Matthew Peyton / Getty Images

13. From health advice.

Robert Mora / Getty Images

14. To her image.

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16. And beautifully honest.

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17. She even has her own frigging theme park.

18. Because she is Dolly Parton. Our queen.

Jim Smeal / WireImage

19. She’s godmother to Miley Cyrus.

20. So we guess we have her to thank for this as well.

21. But she’s also a true romantic.

Alex Wong / Getty Images

She met husband Carl Thomas Dean in a laundromat in 1964 – 50 years later and the pair are still together.

22. An espouser of family values.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Dolly comes from a huge family – she is the fourth of twelve children.

23. A staunch supporter of gay marriage and equal rights.

REX USA/Newspix

24. Who is full of sass, even turning down Elvis Presley.

Before Whitney Houston covered Dolly’s iconic song “I Will Always Love You”, Elvis asked to record it – but he wanted half of the publishing rights, so she turned him down. Go, Dolly.

25. She’s like a beaming ray of light. Despite being 68. SIXTY EIGHT.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

27. Like the legend that she is.


28. And blew us away with her rendition of the “Benny Hill” soundtrack on her saxophone. Yes, really.



29. She is fabulous.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

30. A true inspiration.

Yui Mok/PA Wire/Press Association Images

31. Long may she reign.

Yui Mok/PA Wire/Press Association Images

32. Don’t ever change <3


Watch Dolly at Glastonbury here:

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