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    • kimariec

      This was the exact point I made in the Facebook comments above. Is it not much more likely that throughout time each religion was manufactured and tailored to existing customs, history, etc, as a way to understand and explain this very complicated universe in a way that is a bit more comprehensible? If you took almost every theological dogma and reduced it to God=Universe as well as the other common thread that God has no beginning and no end, then maybe the whole “Well then what caused the big bang?” rebuttal could be seen in the context of the universe always has been as always will be, nothing created the big bang, the mass and energy before the big bang is the same mass and energy that is in our universe now(Matter can neither be created or destroyed) along with God creating humans in his image, which also stands as we are made up of the stuff of the universe. If we all could just embrace religion as a metaphor, we would realize that they served as the lawmakers as well as the answers to larger human ponderings. What is undeniable is what a miracle we are from a statistical and mathematical standpoint, and how we should just be grateful for every second of conscious life! Be kind, love one another.