33 Celebrities With Their Cameras

Celebrity Camera Club is a Tumblr dedicated to finding celebrities snapping photos. Here’s a look at some of your favorite celebs getting behind the camera. (via mymodernmet.com).

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt with a Contax G1

2. Drew Barrymore with a Polaroid

3. Jeff Bridges with a Widelux

4. Mark Ruffalo with a Mamiya RZ67

5. Matt Damon & Ben Affleck with an MF Camera

6. One Direction with various cameras

7. Emily Blunt with a Contax G2

8. Morrissey with a Rolleiflex

9. Stanley Kubrick with a Rangefinder

10. Johnny Depp with a Polaroid

11. Brad Pitt throwing a camera

12. Edward Norton with a Rolleiflex

13. Mick Jagger with an iPhone

14. George Harrison with various cameras

15. Zac Efron with a Polaroid

16. Kristen Stewart with a Nikon F2 Photemic

17. Elijah Wood with a Hasselblad

18. Paul McCartney with a Pentax Spotmatic

19. Alexa Chung with a LOMO Diana F+

20. Sammy Davis Jr. with a Rolleiflex

21. Heath Ledger with a Polaroid

22. Ryan Gosling with a compact camera

23. Sean Connery with an SLR

24. The Supremes with Polaroids

25. Michael Cera with a Horizon

26. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis with an SLR

27. James Dean with a Rolleiflex

28. James Franco with a Rolleiflex

29. Natalie Portman with a Rolleiflex

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