21 Signs You’re Suffering From A Book Hangover

There’s a bookworm at the bottom of this tequila bottle.

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1. You’ve started to take your lingering feelings for the hero/heroine a little too seriously.

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2. And you realize that all your crushes are now based on peoples’ similarities to that fictional character.

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3. You find yourself casually using the fake slang from the book in your real-life conversations.

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Accio remote control.

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4. You’ve started to think of “reality” as the world where the book takes place.


And you have to find a way to get there.

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5. You’ve ordered everything else the author has ever written.

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6. And furiously researched any possibility of a sequel.

Page proofs

— Lev Grossman (@leverus)
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7. Or any possibility of a movie adaptation.

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Because then you could at least see it for the first time.

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8. And if there is, you set a countdown on your phone for opening night.

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9. You keep your copy of the book with you most times, to reread your favorite bits when you have a free moment.

Because reading that one part just one more time will make you less obsessed with it.

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10. And the more beat-up it gets from dog-earing pages and marking passages, the more you love it.


Because it makes you feel like the book is actually yours.

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11. You feel irrationally jealous of people who haven’t read the book yet.

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Because they get to experience it for the first time AND THAT MAGIC IS OVER FOR YOU FOREVER.

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12. You’ve explored the book’s fan fiction community online.

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Some is so very good, and some so very bad.

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13. And seriously considered submitting your own.

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14. Which has inevitably led to you getting into a few heated debates about the book online.

Most likely on Tumblr.

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15. You’ve bought jewelry based on the book, and worn it with pride.

Etsy / etsy.com

Etsy / etsy.com


And it becomes a litmus test of sorts for potential new best friends.

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16. And you’ve already decided on a literary Halloween costume this year.

Even if it won’t be as spot-on as this one.

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17. You’ve tried to make yourself move on by starting a new book, but it just isn’t the same.

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And now nothing will ever compare and your life is ruined.

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18. Which makes you panic, because you might never find a story you love as much again.

That was it. That was as good as it will ever get.

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19. But, after some time, you inevitably do.

Once you’re ready.

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20. Because whether you realize it or not, there’s always room in your heart for another great book.

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21. And the cycle starts all over again.

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