21 Reasons Rebel Wilson Is A Fantastic Role Model

We should all be a little more REBELLIOUS.

1. She gave us Fat Amy, who quickly became everyone’s spirit animal.

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2. She doesn’t allow herself to be boxed in by Hollywood’s standards.

Kevin Winter / Getty

She’s consistently gorgeous and hilarious.

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3. And surrounds herself with other strong women who do the same.

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4. She’s the best kind of quirky.

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5. She understands the deceit that is “exercise.”

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6. And the facade that is “culture.”

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7. She knows what makes a good friend, and it isn’t what’s on the outside.

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8. Birthdays. She does them right.

Thanks for all the birthday love!! All I'm doing this year is sleeping in...

— Rebel Wilson (@RebelWilson)
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9. Her accessorizing game is strong.

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10. Some might say it’s too strong.

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11. She understands that the food threat is the most chilling threat of them all.

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12. Like many, she understands that adulthood is the worst.

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13. She is both a funny and sensuous woman.

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14. She’s clearly the master of making her co-workers laugh.

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15. She’s a spiritual human being.

Opened my fridge, dropped the rest of last night's pizza on the floor..is the universe conspiring to stop me from eating it?

— Rebel Wilson (@RebelWilson)
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16. She *gets* that the dating struggle is real.

ID: 3147944

17. No one can rock a koala sweater harder than Rebel Wilson.

Kevork Djansezian / Getty

Jason Merritt / Getty

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18. She’s a goofball who’s never afraid to laugh at herself.

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19. But she also knows how to class it up.

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20. She wants to inspire girls who feel different.

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21. Whenever she embraces her weirdness, it makes us all feel better about embracing our own inner weirdness.

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Which is pretty much what being a role model is all about.

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