The 22 Most Convincing “Once Upon A Time” Fan Theories

We all know the Blue Fairy is hiding something in that jellyfish dress. Tumblr “Enchanted Theories” collects the best OUaT fan theories.

1. Blue’s going to show her true colors.

But for real, she can’t wear those shoes and not be a villain.

2. Belle will save the day.

Per usual.

3. Ursula will be back.

Maybe she used a FOUNTAIN pen to write it.

4. There will be a Doctor Who twist.

OK, probably not true, but we can dream.

5. Rumple’s going to get some tail from Ariel.

In the most literal sense.

6. The Wicked Witch is going to have some blood ties to Rumple.

And she’d be Henry’s aunt, wooooahhhh!

7. Or at the very least, they’re going to share skin cream.

8. Madam Mim from The Sword in the Stone has secretly been a character all along!

This NEEDS to happen.

9. Emma will become a fairy tale character.

And hopefully, she’ll sing “Popular.”

10. Emma was a fairytale character all along.

Just not in the most traditional sense.

11. The Captain Swan relationship will get even more complicated.

Weirder things have happened (like when August got turned back into a child).

12. Nealfire and Emma will become the new Snow and Charming.

13. Rumple’s pseudo-mom-spinsters are secretly fairies.

So is Blue secretly Merryweather?!

14. The Dragon will be back.

And he will do more than just ring the gong.

15. Mulan will find love!

Everyone start shipping this now.

16. Green vs. Blue

As long as Blue can’t use her heels as weapons, Tink has this.

17. The Neverland mermaids are Ursula’s minions.

Seriously, Ursula can’t just chill in a palace fountain for the next thousand years.

18. Robin Hood was Snow’s mentor.


19. Rumple and Hook will bury the hatchet.

Then he’d just be Captain…Hand?

20. Hook will have a score to settle with Ariel.

Hook really didn’t like those Neverland mermaids.

21. We’ll find out why Regina never had a child of her own.

This would be so sad, and add to Regina’s complexity.

22. Emma is the insane savior.

NOOOOOOOOOO — but this still wouldn’t be as weird as that time August got turned back into a child.

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