21 Jokes Only “The Fault In Our Stars” Fans Will Understand

I fell in love with him like ketchup falls out of a bottle…

1. This equation:

Keely Flaherty / BuzzFeed / 20th Century Fox

2. This option, which should be a real thing on forms worldwide:

3. The time the line between fiction and reality was just too blurred:

4. These two people who just get it:

5. This faultless pun:

6. This blockheaded one-liner:

7. This reimagined, more accurate book cover:

8. It’s funny because it’s 100% true:

9. This charitable bookstore:

10. This angel who lights up the Christmas tree:

11. Eye don’t even know:

20th Century Fox / Via

12. Ya know what eye mean?

20th Century Fox / Via

13. This person, who’s got a lot of gull:

14. This script rewrite:

20th Century Fox / Via

15. This fan, who took the metaphor to a literal level:

16. This depiction of what most teenage romances are actually like:

17. This Amsterdamn accurate valentine:

18. Most people will enjoy this, unless you’re Tobiased:

20. This healthy set of observation skills:

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