23 Outrageous Struggles All Little Sisters Have Endured

Just give me a ride to school for once in my life, dammit.

1. You were too young to notice innuendos the rest of your family thought were so hilarious.


2. For years, you were your family’s dealer.

And they needed their fix, man. They needed it bad.

3. Growing up, you were always known as “so-and-so’s little sister.”

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“I’m my own human being,” you whispered.

4. In school, all the teachers knew your older siblings, so they already loved or hated you.

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Regardless of the fact that you are a beautiful, individual snowflake that CANNOT BE DUPLICATED.

5. Being younger and more vulnerable, you were the #1 target for family pranks.


HAHA, I hope I’m adopted.

6. Whenever you wanted to do something your older siblings were doing, you were “too young.”

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I can do the thing!

7. The struggle to be taken seriously was real.

I have a deep well of feelings inside of me. A deep well.

8. You always wanted to hang out with your older siblings and their friends, and they were always like, “Nope.”


And so off you went to hang out with your Beanie Babies.

9. And when you started dating, your siblings’ friends were off-limits.



10. And even if you managed to get a date with someone who wasn’t off-limits, bringing them home was impossible.

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Your family either scared them off or embarrassed you to no end.

11. Your siblings could drive before you, and trying to bum a ride was like asking them to give you one of their kidneys.

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The shame of taking the bus. The shame.

12. You were never allowed in your siblings’ rooms, even if your mission was peaceful.


13. You were literally at the bottom of the food chain. Every time there was something delicious in the house, you had to fight for your share.


“THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH!” you cried as you launched yourself at the leftover cherry pie.

14. You were told more than once that you were adopted. And believed it.

“We found you in a basket, and one day, the aliens who left you there will return for you.”

15. You were always the guinea pig.

Do I haaaaave to?

16. Your parents were more protective of you, which meant you had a way earlier, stricter curfew.

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Getting home at 10:01 = unacceptable.

17. But your older siblings still CONSTANTLY told you how lucky you were, and how you had it so much easier than they did.

E! / Via

“We broke Mom and Dad in, you don’t even know.” UUUUUGH SHADDUP.

18. People always assumed you weren’t that tough because you were “the baby.”

UPN / Via


19. When your older siblings babysat you, they were unfair overlords.

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And they weren’t even THAT much older, come on.

20. Your family saved all the good movies “you weren’t old enough to watch” for after you went to bed.

And you heard the muffled television from your bedroom, and felt the sting of injustice.

21. You knew your siblings loved you, but they also loved that you were an easy target.


22. Growing up, nothing delighted your family more than embarrassing you.

They called it “love,” you called it “YOU GUYS ARE THE WORST.”

23. And even now that you’re a GROWN-ASS WOMAN, they’re still doing it.


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