What Do You Miss Most About The ’90s?

Flannel shirts, Tamagotchis, and Luke Perry. BRING US BACK.

1. The ’90s was basically the flyest decade ever.

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2. It was filled with so many great things you wish you could relive, like Surge and Oreo O’s…

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3. And amazing musical groups, like Nirvana and TLC…

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4. Major heartthrobs, like Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Alicia Silverstone…

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5. And games you’d spend all of your time with, like Tamagotchis and the Super Soaker 50.

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6. Everything in the ’90s was the best, and you wish you could go back in time for just one day.

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7. Even if it means wearing all that denim and flannel.

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8. So tell us, what do you miss most about the ’90s? Share with us below!

Awards and badges will be given to the most nostalgic submissions.

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