Why New Year’s Eve Is Best Spent In Pajamas

Ditch the dress and break out the onesie.


“No bra with the blouse it’s so necessary.”

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2. Dancing just got so much easier.

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3. If Oprah and Maya Angelou wear them, YOU CAN TOO.

ID: 2212788

4. Because wearing a matching pajama set is functional AND fashionable.

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5. They’re freakin’ cozy.

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6. Look at the other hotties who rock onesies.

ID: 2212792

7. Seriously… LOOK.

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8. They help hide the holiday weight.

ID: 2212797

9. Pajamas are a better alternative to tight dresses.

ID: 2212804

10. You can easily embrace when the clock strikes midnight.


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11. ALL the flexibility.

ID: 2212817

12. You won’t get blisters from walking in heels.

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13. You’re already prepared for bed hours ahead of time.

ID: 2212825

14. You can still look fierce… and flawless.

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