Send Us Your Ugly Troll Face And We’ll Illustrate It

Time to get trolly!

1. UPDATE: The flipped version of this post is LIVE. You can view the ~beautiful~ illustrations here.

ID: 3661741

2. Recently the staff writers at BuzzFeed took beautifully scary pictures of themselves.

Ashley Perez
ID: 3625493

3. Their ugly expressions were illustrated into troll faces, and they’re absolutely brilliant.

Dan Meth
ID: 3625552

4. Look at how manic this staff writer is.

Michael Blackmon / Dan Meth

You don’t want to mess with him on a bad day.

ID: 3625589

5. This beautifully insane woman is here to haunt your dreams.

Julia Furlan / Dan Meth

I put a spell on you, and now you’re miiiiiine!

ID: 3625623

6. This staff writer is just plain devilish.

Dan Meth


ID: 3625584

7. Here’s your chance to be made into a troll! Share with us your ugliest face, and we’ll illustrate it!

Cates Holderness / Dan Meth

Awards and badges will be given to the most cringeworthy submissions.

ID: 3625627

8. Click here to view all of the illustrated submissions.

ID: 3661742

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