The 20 Stages Of Successfully Buying A Concert Ticket Online

But once in a while, the stars are aligned and everything twerks out the way it should.

1. You get an e-mail notification that your favorite artist is going on tour.

ID: 1507671

2. At first you’re like:

ID: 1507683

3. Then after the initial shock, it’s time to get down to business.

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4. You write down the ticket sale date on your calendar so you won’t forget.

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5. You head to Facebook and Twitter to spread the word, hoping someone will accompany you.

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6. A friend quickly accepts the invite, and is totally down for the greatest show in the world.

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7. Weeks pass by, and then sha-ZAM! Ticket sale day is finally here!

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8. You go to your computer, and pull up the ticket website.

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9. You have 10 minutes until go time, so you just keep your eyes glued to the clock… and wait.

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10. You play a few songs to pass the time… but you DON’T click out of the browser.

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11. Finally it’s time for tickets to go on sale, and you begin the task of a lifetime.

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12. Your fingers move at the speed of light to make sure you choose banging seats at a reasonable price.

ID: 1510497

13. The tickets you most desire are available.

ID: 1510527

14. You double-check all your information before clicking the “complete purchase” button.

ID: 1510597

15. Then you click… sweat begins to overcome your body…

ID: 1510616

16. …you wait on what seems like a lifetime…

ID: 1510687

17. …then BAM. Your ticket purchase was a success!

ID: 1510704

18. You go to your e-mail, and receive the confirmation that the purchase went through.

ID: 1510789

19. Now that all the technical business is over, you realize you’re seeing your favorite artist in concert.

ID: 1510802

20. You’re going to have the experience of a lifetime,

ID: 1510806

one you’ll tell your children and cats about years down the road.

ID: 1510819

Cheers for live music!

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