The 15 Stages Of Cutting Your Hair

Say goodbye to your long, luscious locks.

1. You’ve been contemplating for a while whether or not you should cut your hair…

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…because you’re really tired of your locks getting caught in objects.

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2. Mama says you’ll look cute and hip, so why not take a chance?

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3. You get to the salon, and the hairdresser begins to wash your long hair… for the last time.

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4. The hairdresser whips out the scissors, and starts to cut.

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5. At first you think she isn’t cutting off that much — she’s doing a delicate job. Not even worried.

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6. Then the hair cutting cape comes off… and you realize you have no hair left.

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7. You have to fake a smile, and pretend you enjoy the new short hairdo.

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8. But really you feel bald, and you don’t know what to do with yourself.

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9. Your friends say you look beautiful, but you know they’re faking it.

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Because you won’t get to do this anymore.

Short hair does not grant you this Beyoncé move.

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10. You go home to cry for a few hours because life as you know it is over.

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11. And you realize in these hours of pain that you can’t put your hair in a messy bun anymore.

You’re left with limited hairdos. #Womp

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12. Or keep warm in the winter with your extra layer of hair.

Scarves are now necessary.

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13. You’re pissed because nobody compliments your new cut, now that the hippie hair has vanished.

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14. The new reactions (or lack thereof) result to this:

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And a little of this:

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15. Now you count down the days, weeks, and months until your hair grows back to Cher length…

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…which will be FOREVER, and nobody has time for that.

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So keep that long, luscious hair of yours if you can’t handle the pain of cutting it off.

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It keeps you warm, you can achieve a messy bun, and you feel like Cher 24/7.

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