Phil And Lil DeVille Are Hands Down The Greatest Twins In TV History

Eating bugs wasn’t cool until these little Rugrats started doin’ it.

1. They have loved each other since day one.

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2. They wear ridiculously awesome Halloween costumes.

ID: 1715637

3. And also wear these cool outfits in themed episodes.

ID: 1715678

4. They love to eat every disgusting thing you can think of.

ID: 1715536

5. Phil and Lil even encourage their buddies to go on their gross diet.

ID: 1715576

6. They enjoy participating in fun baby activities with their BFF’s Tommy and Chuckie.

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7. They know how to make you laugh with funny faces.

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8. Even though they’re babies, Phil and Lil are totally down to earth.

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9. Overstepping their boundaries is what they like to do best.

ID: 1715630

Babies just wanna have fun!

ID: 1715633

10. They question things that other babies would be oblivious to.

ID: 1715615

11. They’re proactive in dangerous situations.

ID: 1715682

12. They’re just too damn cute. Look at those grins!

ID: 1715687

13. Phil and Lil sing a hilarious song about a trike.

ID: 1715697

14. They starred in a diaper commercial, and looked mighty fabulous while doing so.

ID: 1715704

15. These twins are very creative, and have different perspectives on what art is.

ID: 1715709

16. They absolutely LOVE their boogers.

ID: 1715711

17. The DeVille babies know how to have a good time.

ID: 1715715

18. They don’t hold anything back — especially when it comes to Angelica.

ID: 1715738

19. Phil and Lil aren’t perfect. They occasionally get into baby arguments…

You know it’s serious when they yell their full names.

ID: 1715985

20. …but in the end, they’ll always love each other. That twin bond is something that lasts a lifetime.

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