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What’s The Most Ridiculous Thing You’ve Ever Done While Drunk?

ALL of the regrets.

1. At one time or another, you’ve probably had a ridiculously drunken experience.

2. You did something extremely embarrassing, and totally regretted it the next day.

Fox / Via

3. Maybe you got drunk one night and pulled down your pants in front of the entire bar.

Paramount Pictures / Via

4. Or you might have fallen on the sidewalk while walking home, and sprained your ankle.

5. Or better yet, maybe you and your friend ran to a chapel and got married.

6. Drunken nights are crazy, but they typically result in a legendary story.

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7. So, tell us your story and share with us the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever done while drunk.

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Awards and badges will be given to the sloppiest results!

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