Liz Lemon’s Greatest Love Of All Isn’t A Man: It’s Food

Although she marries Criss Cross in the last season of 30 Rock, the only thing Liz Lemon loves unconditionally and always stands by is her food.

1. She’s extremely defensive of her delicious treats.

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4. She also tosses tables if her meal never arrives.

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5. She downs an entire sandwich before going through airport customs, instead of throwing it away.

Who would want to waste a good sandwich?

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6. Someone tries to tell Liz this, and… uh… things just get awkward.

Shut it down.

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7. She knows she can depend on food when things in life aren’t so hot…

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8. …and she knows exactly where to go.

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9. People try to keep her away from the unhealthy choices, but she rejects that concept completely.

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11. Liz Lemon loves food so much, she made up this catchphrase as a child:

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12. …and recites the Cheesy Blasters song without hesitation.

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13. She struggles with annoying jerks when getting her morning hot dog…

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15. …but she gets her sweet Lemon revenge.

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16. Food always catches up with her in important business lady situations.

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17. She promotes her unique combinations any chance she gets.

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18. Food is the solution to all health problems, especially heart attacks.

Nix the doctors and get the bacon!

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19. She has only one thing on her mind when hitting the discotheques.

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20. Her neighbors torture her with their own relationships with food…

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23. …and Lemon just can’t handle it.

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24. But then somebody makes her feel better with a sandwich.

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Lemon loves her sandwiches.

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26. Liz Lemon doesn’t care about a dessert’s age.

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She’ll eat it anytime, anywhere.

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28. She represents her love for food in various places.

(Framed poster in her office)

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30. In the still of the night, the most important food comes to comfort her…

Cheese cheese cheese.

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31. …and some other salty friend.

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33. Nothing, not even an unexpected haircut attack, will keep her away from a tasty cake.

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38. Just the smell of food will distract her everyday conversations.

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39. Medical procedures won’t stop her from eating — girl just wants her food.

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41. And she can eat it, all in under 10 seconds.

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42. But if there’s one true love out of all her food interests, it’s definitely the sandwich.

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Preach, Lemon.

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46. There was a time Liz Lemon thought she couldn’t survive without a fella…

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47. …but then she thought again.

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50. There’s no denying Liz and food are the perfect fit.

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51. Sure Criss Cross is great, but come on… who eats popsicles with their teeth?

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52. She can’t reject what her body tells her to do.

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53. Liz must stay loyal to her one true love,

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54. and get rid of the men completely.

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56. Good job, Lemon.

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