26 Brilliant Karen Walker One-Liners From "Will & Grace"

Because she’s a lady, assface.

1. Karen Walker’s motto.

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2. When Rosario pisses her off.

ID: 1623087

3. Giving advice to her good pal Grace.

ID: 1623091

4. Karen’s wonderful hint of lesbian.

ID: 1623101

5. Her oblivion to nature in New York City.

Or maybe she’s just drunk.

ID: 1623105

6. Her acknowledgement of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

ID: 1623110

7. When Karen hits on a devious Macaulay Culkin.

ID: 1623123

8. How she arrives at conclusions — no hard evidence is necessary.

ID: 1623127

9. Karen Walker avoiding anything and everything emotional.

ID: 1623129

10. Putting up her defenses when she’s bothered by Will.

ID: 1623145

11. But she gets back at him with her high-pitched quick-wit.

ID: 1623172

12. In competition for Stan’s will with his mistress.

The definition of polite sass.

ID: 1623144

13. Showing that her love for booze has absolutely no boundaries.

ID: 1623165

14. Karen trying to care about work — or anything, for that matter.

ID: 1623167

15. Insulting people is her specialty (specifically ones that involve your parents).

ID: 1623177

16. When she regrets falling for a man.

ID: 1623184

17. Just telling it like it is… probably about Will and Grace.

ID: 1623213

18. Showing words can be powerful.

ID: 1623208

19. However, one-liners don’t necessarily require words — her slap says enough.

ID: 1623511

20. Karen Walker giving marvelous fashion tips.

ID: 1623260

21. Yearning for a drink… which is like… all the time.

ID: 1623256

22. Graciously letting you know how much she hates you.

ID: 1623265

23. Refusing to interact with anyone who doesn’t belong to a high social class.

ID: 1626105

24. Karen’s payment method for her workers.

ID: 1623531

25. When she dresses like a maid, and looks like Rosario.

ID: 1623506

26. Karen defending her people and fighting the system.

ID: 1623534

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