21 Ways Your Sister Is Really Your Best Friend

If you don’t know, now you know.

1. You guys stay in on Friday nights and have movie marathons.

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2. She takes you cruising in her car, while bumping music.

(Preferably Beyoncé tunes)

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3. She’s not hesitant to drop the truth bomb on you.

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4. Your sister tells you jokes that make you laugh uncontrollably.

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5. You’d rather hang out with her than your actual BFF, which proves your sister has defeated all the friends you’ve ever had with her coolness.


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6. If you share a room, every night is a sleepover filled with crazy adventures.

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7. You gals share deep dark secrets that you wouldn’t want anyone else to know.

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8. You go on coffee runs every morning, afternoon, and night.

With no shame.

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9. She teaches you sick dance moves for weekend party time.

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10. And when you do party together… it’s legendary.

(She’ll hold your hair when you yak)

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11. She’s there to catch you when you fall, and wipe a tear off your face.

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12. She also supports you during job interviews, and major events in your life.

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13. You guys aren’t ashamed to devour the heck out of yummy foods.

Essentials: Grilled cheese, Doritos, and Ginger ale.

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14. She lets you borrow clothes if you can’t find the perfect outfit for a night on the town.

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15. If somebody doesn’t treat you right, she’ll take them down.

She actually gives a shit about your feelings.

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16. When this song comes on the radio, you don’t think of your BFF from school… you think of your sister instead.

“With a Little Help from My Friends” by The Beatles

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17. You gals take enough selfies to fill two photo album books.

Sister swag.

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18. You have inside jokes that nobody else understands.

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19. She checks in with you to discuss life and make sure everything’s all right.

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20. Your sister likes all of your Facebook statuses and pictures when no one else does.

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21. And most importantly, she’ll always be there for you… when the rain starts to pour.

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Obviously you get into fights…

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…but you quickly get over it because you can’t imagine going a day without speaking.

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Everyone is jealous of your friendship,

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because nobody has the kind of sister–friend bond you two gals have.

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Yay for sister-friends!

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