23 Of Dean Pelton’s Best Puns On “Community”

Dean-droppings that make Communi-dean so damn dean-tastic.

1. His 1950s housewife impression.

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2. As Jeff’s boxing ring girl.

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3. Calming down Greendale students during registration for “History of Ice Cream.”

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4. Dean Pelton’s reminder for daylight savings…

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…and for Feline AIDS Awareness Day.

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5. Railroad Conduct-dean.

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6. His greetings in the study room are legen-deany.

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7. The Dean singing a sweet lullaby to Troy and Abed.

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8. Sometimes he goes beyond the “Dean” puns.

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9. In his office during serious situations.

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10. When the Dean has to make an announcement to the study group.

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11. And when he comes to save the day, Dean style.

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12. Dean Pelton usually puns with a costume.

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13. But when things get serious, the feather boas are thrown to the side.

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14. But Dean Pelton could never abandon his status as Greendale’s fashionista for too long.

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15. He sings beautiful Christmas Carols,

ID: 1462216

and celebrates Hallo-dean!

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16. When he tells you a secret, you must never talk about it with anyone else.

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17. But usually he’s as open as a book.

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18. Dean Pelton always asks how your day is going.

The dean cares.

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19. Jeff tries to get away with Dean puns…

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…and he does, because he’s Jeff.

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20. Dean Pelton hosts a kickass version of The Hunger Games at Greendale.

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21. When Greendale students are rude to the Dean, he gets pretty upset…

ID: 1462247

…but he soon bounces back, with a Dean-tastic pun.

ID: 1462249

22. He creates songs that rhyme with his “Dean” status at the college.

ID: 1479785

23. And tries to convince Greendale to add a salad bar to the cafeteria.

ID: 1479805

Greendale students might not always support the dean,

ID: 1480640

but that will never stop him from making puns.

ID: 1480649


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