18 TV Apartments And Houses You Wish You Lived In

Yes, even the Bluth Model Home.

1. Monica Geller and Rachel Green’s apartment from Friends.

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You know you want the periwinkle walls and the yellow frame on the door.

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2. The Huxtable’s house from The Cosby Show.

ID: 1812935

Yes it’s the 1980s, but how can anyone hate the couch where Cliff takes naps? It’s so flowery and so wonderfully cozy.

ID: 1812942

3. Ted Mosby’s apartment from How I Met Your Mother.

ID: 1813054

The funky wall art and decor is what every twentysomething longs for, not to mention the legen…wait for it…dary swords.

ID: 1813135

4. Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment from Sex and the City.

ID: 1812984

A walk-in closet and an oven to store shoes? Sounds good to me.

ID: 1812990

5. Mary Richards’ apartment from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

ID: 1816452

Everything about this apartment is amazing. The legendary letter M hanging on the wall, the closed-off kitchen, the awesome two-level setup, and the pull-out couch that turns into a bed.

ID: 1816469

We all want Mary’s ’70s apartment, Oprah included.

ID: 1816535

6. Jess, Nick, Schmidt, and Winston’s loft from New Girl.

ID: 1813151

The space… the sectional couch… the communal bathroom… the space… the brick walls… need it NOW!

ID: 1813172

7. Eric Forman’s house from That ’70s Show.

ID: 1813445

Forman has the coolest basement EVER. The wooden wheel table, Hyde’s white chair, and the psychedelic posters are genius, man.

ID: 1813458

8. Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment from Seinfeld.

ID: 1813551

We all wish we could hang in Jerry’s place and talk about nothing on the blue couch.

ID: 1813556

9. The Bluth Model Home from Arrested Development.

ID: 1813585

Because living in a model home without sturdy furniture and with Blue Man Group handprints everywhere can be fun.

ID: 1813647

10. The boarding house from Hey Arnold!

ID: 1816669

I don’t know anyone who would refuse Arnold’s insanely awesome attic setup. A window ceiling right above your bed just to daydream? Perfect.

ID: 1816712

11. Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter’s apartment from The Big Bang Theory.

ID: 1817109

So many shelves stacked with books, a giant telescope, the double helix model. A kickass apartment for ALL the nerds!

ID: 1817139

12. Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia’s house from The Golden Girls.

ID: 1813740

As bright as the colors are, it’s hard to resist the Floridian patterns and bamboo living room set. And the lanai where they have old lady heart-to-hearts.

ID: 1813752

13. The Brady’s house from The Brady Bunch.

ID: 1819813

This ’70s pad has so much style it’s not even fair. The wall-to-wall rugs, the green and orange painted walls, the humongous fireplace, and the epic staircase are too darn groovy to handle.

ID: 1819835

14. Don Draper’s apartment from Mad Men.

ID: 1819860

I know you have your eyes on the green funky curtains. Plus look at all of the space… big enough to throw swingin’ parties… damn you, Draper!

ID: 1819958

15. The Cohen’s house from The O.C.

ID: 1819233

What I would give to live in a pool house all by myself. In California. All by myself. Sandy Cohen, please take me in!

ID: 1819466

16. Lucy and Ricky Ricardo’s apartment from I Love Lucy.

ID: 1819734

Sure it’s tight, but how many of you imagined living cute and cozy in the 1950s? (Minus all the sexism and the ‘splainin’ to do)

ID: 1819765

17. Lorelai and Rory Gilmore’s house from Gilmore Girls.

ID: 1819975

Seriously, they have the cutest small town house with cozy, mismatching decor and flowers on the window sill.

ID: 1820017

18. The Tanner’s house from Full House.

ID: 1820378

The ultimate dream: a San Franciscan house with high ceilings, a beautiful front door, and enough rooms to fill a house of nine people (all puns intended).

ID: 1820450

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