20 Weirdest Photo Moments Of The 2012 Campaign

This election got seriously weird. Let’s reminisce.

1. Chipotle employee (right) photobombing Mitt Romney

ID: 618550

2. Joe Biden carrying his 36-pound pumpkin

ID: 618552

3. Clint Eastwood talking to a chair at the Republican convention

Eric Thayer / Reuters
ID: 628516

4. Biden with a biker lady on his lap

ID: 618556

5. President Obama getting lifted by pizza shop owner

ID: 618567

6. Romney’s keister shocking an elementary school student

ID: 628460

7. Julian Castro’s daughter flipping her hair at the Democratic convention

ID: 618558

8. Kid uses Obama photo op to sneak a kiss

ID: 657560

9. Excited Obama shaking hands

ID: 674826

10. Josh Romney’s intense debate stare

ID: 674864

11. Jill Biden making an accidentally obscene gesture

ID: 675750

12. Biden gesturing wildly during the vice presidential debate

Rick Wilking / Reuters
ID: 675958

13. Paul Ryan’s awkward exercise photo shoot for “Time”

Gregg Segal for TIME / Via karmadecay.com
ID: 676154

14. This guy HATING the debate

ID: 676114

15. Mitt and Ann awkwardly hugging after the debate

ID: 675935

16. Biden and Ryan swapping hair

ID: 676087

17. Obama and Romney swapping hair

ID: 675810

18. Romney and Obama swapping their wives’ hair

ID: 676194

19. Obama taking a phone call

Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP
ID: 674494

20. This photo, just over and over and over and over and over

Carolyn Kaster, File / AP

I could stare at this for decades.

ID: 676129

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