So, How Did Nate Silver Fare Tonight?

Based on the most important indicator, of course. posted on

Nate Silver is getting laid tonight and goddamn I might be the one to do it. @fivethirtyeight" target="_blank">">@fivethirtyeight #callmenate" target="_blank">">#callmenate

@fivethirtyeight" target="_blank">">@fivethirtyeight dude you're so gonna get laid tonite

According to my model, Nate Silver has a 99.4% chance of getting laid tonight.

Nate Silver is so getting laid tonight #Election2012" target="_blank">">#Election2012

Nate Silver is so getting laid tonight that if your NAME is Nate, you'd better get to a bar, like, now.

Nate Silver is getting laid tonight. And he's doing it for nerds everywhere.

I wonder what the statistical probability of Nate Silver getting laid tonight is?

Nate Silver is soooooooo getting laid tonight #Math@fivethirtyeight" target="_blank">">#Math@fivethirtyeight

I sigh with relief. The greater evil is vanquished. The enemy ranks are in disarray. Nate Silver is getting laid tonight.

Nate Silver is probably getting laid tonight. #science" target="_blank">">#science

If there’s one person who’s getting laid tonight it’s Nate Silver!

@fivethirtyeight" target="_blank">">@fivethirtyeight Nate you're so getting laid tonight!

.@fivethirtyeight" target="_blank">">@fivethirtyeight is about 96% likely to get laid tonight.

@fivethirtyeight" target="_blank">">@fivethirtyeight Bet you are so getting laid tonight. #MathBeScary" target="_blank">">#MathBeScary

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