23 Reasons "Space Jam" Is The Best Sports Movie Ever

In space, no one can hear you dunk.

1. Space Jam is the story of Michael Jordan playing b-ball against cartoons in space.

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2. NBA stars Larry Johnson, Patrick Ewing, Shawn Bradley, Muggsy Bogues, & Charles Barkley had their skills sucked out and trapped inside a magic basketball

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3. Charles Barkley gives good advice

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4. Patrick Ewing is a master of the pratfall

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5. The Monstars steal the players’ skils, which MAY have happened in real life at some point

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6. Lola Bunny is a hot babe

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Hubba hubba, amirite?

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Good grief this is kind of wrong

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7. Bill Murray shows up to perpetrate some nasty dunks

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8. Bill Murray wears this hat while golfing with Larry Bird

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9. Bill Murray describing Larry Bird

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10. The soundtrack is the best sampling of mid-90s hip-hop

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11. The Monstar’s Anthem was one of the craziest collaborations of 90s hip-hop

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12. The video for R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” is him in a cornfield with the movie playing behind him

He also conducts an orchestra and chorus on a basketball court.

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13. Charles Barkley gets stuffed by a 13 year old girl

ID: 545381

14. Wanye Knight

ID: 545698

15. More Wayne Knight

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16. Elmer Fudd finally gets to be a hero

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17. The “Space Jam Jordans” from the movie are some of the most sought-after Air Jordans ever

Discontinued Air Jordans XI

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18. It makes for great graffitti

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19. The Tune Squad (the Looney Tunes + Jordan) had awesome jerseys

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20. Space Jam bedsheets, duh

ID: 545898

21. The movie website is so perfect, they never changed it

Seriously - Warner Bros left up the original 1996 on their servers. You want to download a desktop wallpaper? They got it!

ID: 545141

22. Michael’s extendo arm on the final game-winning basket

THAT’S how you dunk

ID: 545865

23. It’s so good, Lebron says he wants to be in “Space Jam 2”


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