22 People Twerking In All The Wrong Places

Please take your booty elsewhere, this is a designated twerk-free zone.

1. On the roof of someone else’s car:

ID: 1218227

2. In the library:

ID: 1210078

3. Outside McDonald’s:

ID: 1210167

4. In all your clothes, in the pool:

ID: 1218026

5. In front of a grandma while being Amanda Bynes

ID: 1218061

6. On the dorm sink:

ID: 1220944

7. In the breakdown lane of the freeway:

ID: 1218106

8. To the wrong song:

ID: 1218135

9. While cleaning a chem lab:

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ID: 1218179

10. In geometry class:

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ID: 1218182

11. In a church pew:

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ID: 1218185

12. On the church stage:

ID: 1221045

13. In the door when your sister is coming inside:

ID: 1218224

14. In the mall, with a tenacious fiery spirit of twerk:

ID: 1219766

15. During a certain time of the month:

ID: 1219799

16. While conducting an MRI scan:

ID: 1219812

17. On the recycling containers:

ID: 1219912

18. On grandma:

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ID: 1221183

19. On grandma (R.I.P.):

ID: 1219967

20. At the parking meter, trying to get out of a parking ticket:

ID: 1219971

21. On top of your toddler:

ID: 1220183

22. On your teddy bear:

ID: 1220631

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