29 Reasons To Love Boston

Wicked awesome.

1. The Citgo sign just as the sun sets and it starts to light up.

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2. Fall that looks like this:

Kalim Saliba / Via shutterscript.com

Sorry, everywhere else, you might have a time between August and November that gets a little colder, but Boston has the trademark on Fall™.

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3. We love boats powered by a guy pedaling inside a giant swan. And this somehow makes sense to us.

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4. Boston respects ice cream. Not that Pinkberry stuff — real ice cream parlors you go to on Friday night.

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5. There’s even a giant milk bottle that’s an ice cream stand.

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6. These guys are from Boston:

New Kids on the Block

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7. And these guys:


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8. And also this band:

The Pixies

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9. And also these guys:

New Edition

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10. Free summer concerts from the Boston Pops at the Hatch Shell.

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11. When Chik-fil-A’s owner came out against gay marriage, Mayor Menino wrote this letter:

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12. The red brick Freedom Trail that runs through Boston.

The city has a built-in map to take you to all the historic landmarks, which is kind of ingenious.

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13. Someone lovingly puts winter scarves on the bronze duck statues from Make Way For Ducklings.

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14. The North End has better pizza than *gasp* New York.

There. I said it. NYC may have the best greasy cheap slice, but Pizza Regina has the best brick-oven crispy-crust slices.

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15. We know how to fix signs so they have the correct pronunciation.

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16. Obviously, Dunkin’ Donuts is testing out a doughnut-bacon-egg sandwich in Boston before the rest of the country.

Goddamn, we love Dunky’s.

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17. Boston has the oldest restaurant in the country, the Union Oyster House (and it’s really good).

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18. The fact that everyone calls this the Salt-and-Pepper Bridge because, duh, that’s what it looks like.

It’s technically the Longfellow Bridge, but whatever.

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19. The old Boston is just hiding right underneath you.

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20. The Paul Revere statue in front of the Old North Church.

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21. The way the gold dome on the State House lights up at sunset.

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22. And the fact that the Old State House is still there, tucked away between skyscrapers.

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23. This guy smoking a cigar indoors.

Larry Bird and Red Auerbach

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24. And thank god, Tom Brady no longer has a ponytail (that was a dark time).

IG.COM.BR / Splash News
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So now we can love him again.

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25. Community Boating on the Charles River

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26. The deadly nature of the scorpion bowls at the Hong Kong in Harvard Square.

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27. The ICA is one of the best places to see contemporary art.

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…and it has this view from inside.

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28. Boston’s city streets don’t need no stinkin’ grid.

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How do you like them apples?

You didn’t possibly think this could be a completely Damon/Affleck-free list, did you?

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29. Because if you keep believing, against all odds, Boston will come through for you.

Stephen Dunn/Staff / Getty Images

The 2004 Red Sox winning the World Series.

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Correction: A previous version of this post misidentified House of Pain as being from Boston.

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