29 Reasons Guys Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Have Phones

They had their chance, and they lol’d all over it.

1. LOL, so funny when that happens.

ID: 3238423

5. Normal progression.

ID: 3239620

6. Please don’t use Harry Potter in this way.

ID: 3239811

7. Get it????

ID: 3239009

8. Haha. I love conversations.

ID: 3238946

9. Haha I can’t believe we both woke up, from sleep. lol.

ID: 3238453

12. DOES it, though?

ID: 3238864

13. TOTALLY a joke, unless you tell me, ha.

ID: 3238488

14. The timeline.

ID: 3239302

19. Why a spatula?

ID: 3239721

20. Good luck with that.

ID: 3238564

21. Thanks for the update.

ID: 3239734

22. Awe fuck.

ID: 3239760

24. Just offerin’ up my dock.

ID: 3239864

25. You know what they say about assuming.

ID: 3239783

29. Forreal though.

ID: 3239800

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