The 29 Most Minnesotan Things That Ever Happened

Could most of these things have only have happened in Minnesota? You betcha. posted on

1. This sign in a suburban DQ.

2. This beach party.

3. This vending machine.

4. This glorious backyard hockey rink.

5. This ambiguous state slogan-themed gift store.

6. This Wendy’s parking lot.

7. The 4-year-old mayor of Dorset.

8. This T-shirt joke, indecipherable to the other 49 states.

9. This snow billboard.

10. This multipurpose establishment.

11. This bridge celebrating the Gay Pride Parade.

12. This in-mall amusement park, which changed its name from Camp Snoopy eight years ago and nobody listened.

Nickelodeon Universe, my ass.

13. Prince’s Twitter.

14. This sign outside a Lutheran church.

15. This newspaper cartoon (and its many, many iterations).

16. This annual Red Bull downhill ice-skating competition.

17. This stand at the Minnesota State Fair.

18. This poem from the Minneapolis mayor.

Snow falls,gets shoveled + blowed/ Move your car so you won't get towed/ Get off snow emergency routes by 9/ Then relax with Grammys +wine

19. This wintertime parking job. Whatever! They fit!

20. This game-day outfit.

21. This movie.

Picturehouse Entertainment / Via

Sorry for the confusion, everyone!

22. This sign by the lake.

23. This demonstration of late-winter rebellion.

24. The 1984 presidential election.

25. This guy’s face.

26. This meteorologist, whose name is Sven Sundgaard.

Kare 11 / NBC / Via Twitter: @svensundgaard

27. This beer pong solution.

29. This … this.

Correction: As Minneapolis City Pages points out, a few of these items are Minnesotan only in spirit. This article has been edited to make that clear.

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