The 17 Worst Things About Being A Girl

Guys just don’t understand.

1. Oh good, it’s back.

ID: 1830215

2. You didn’t know it was coming, and then you got out of bed that one morning and:

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3. Woo hoo! Time to purchase all the expensive supplies!!!

ID: 1831817

4. And yep, here come the excruciating cramps.

ID: 1830013

5. Really, really excruciating. Really really!

ID: 1829872

6. Dealing with everyone who tries to — AAAARGH — actually TALK to you:

ID: 1830249

7. Battling all the FEELS:

ID: 1830565


ID: 1841666

9. And the urge to eat literally everything in sight:

ID: 1829940

10. Like…all of the ice cream.

ID: 1830804

11. And kettle corn. OH GOD KETTLE CORN.

ID: 1830756

12. Time to get out your special PMS wardrobe.

ID: 1842177

13. You have to try to hide the tampon you need to carry to the bathroom at work.

There are literally help pages on this.

ID: 1830319

14. And you have to have, like, five of them on hand just to get through the dreaded DAY 2.

ID: 1842111

15. But no matter how much you plan ahead, you’ll end up adding ANOTHER pair of underwear sacrificed to the “period” pile.

ID: 1842036

16. When it’s finally ending, you breathe a sigh of relief.

ID: 1832288

17. And then before you know it…it’s back.

ID: 1829920

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