25 Reasons "When Harry Met Sally" Is The Perfect Holiday Movie

The classic romantic comedy contains a LOT of seasonally appropriate wisdom.

1. It’s the start of winter. The days are getting shorter and shorter, and you’re feeling a little … grim.

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2. OK, REALLY grim. It’s just sooooo dark outside.

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3. It’s time to get yourself a snack—maybe a slice of apple pie (heated, strawberry ice cream on the side)—and cozy in to watch the best romantic comedy of all time.

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4. The holidays are, in part, about believing in miracles, like the idea that two people who think of each other like this:

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5. … could end up thinking of each other like this:

Ughghgh, that part when they’re twirling and you can see from their faces that they’re falling a little in love.

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6. The holidays are also an emotional time for everyone.

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7. And spirits can run a little high.

Too much Baileys Irish Cream, I think.

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8. That’s why it’s so nice to watch two people come together despite the odds.

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9. This is also a movie that offers a great deal of very useful holiday-related advice.

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10. For one, the autumn/winter-weather looks in this movie are an inspiration in subtly-matching couples’ wear.

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11. Just look at the cables on those knit sweaters.

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12. The lesson here is, if you’re wondering what clothes to buy your significant other, pick something you would wear yourself.

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13. Next, try not to embarrass yourself too thoroughly when your friends/family get together for parlor games.

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14. If you’ll be away from loved ones, don’t forget to call.

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15. It’s best if you can bring someone with to help you carry your Christmas tree …

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16. .. but if you set your mind to it, you can do it alone, too.

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17. Maybe don’t kiss a good friend at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve and expect it not to be a little emotionally confusing.

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18. But sometimes it’s a really good idea anyway.

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19. Now is not the time to set up your single friends on dates.

There’s just too much pressure.

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20. At your office holiday party, be aware of your dancing limitations.

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21. And remember that if you get a gift you don’t like …

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22. … you can always fake it.

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23. When you visit, don’t forget to ask your grandparents/aunts and uncles how they met.

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24. And though you may be very excited for the holidays to get here NOW …

ID: 2092315

25. … patience is a virtue.

*clutches heart*

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