23 Reasons You Wish Danny Castellano Were Your Boyfriend

The dancingggggg. Among other reasons you’re totally in love with The Mindy Project’s babeliest grump.

1. He’s a completely lovable crank.

(That rare breed of good-hearted grump, so abundant on TV, so exotic in real life!)

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2. His smiles may be rare, but they are genuine, magnificent gifts.

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3. He knows that TV time is no time for deep conversation.

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4. He’s thought about emoji, and he’s got some opinions.

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5. He’s going to make a great dad and/or babysitter for your friends’ kids.

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6. He’ll only get in a physical altercation if it’s really, really important.

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7. You know he’s not going to suddenly sail away or take up surfing in midlife crisis.

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8. He’s a loyal, unwavering friend.

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9. He’s not too proud to let himself be carried by another man.

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And he has the one true appropriate feeling about marathons: hatred.

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10. He’s a (wise, correct) sports fan.

This shows dedication.

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11. He may be a natural homebody, but he’ll spiff himself up if you ask nicely.

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12. He’s got a delicate touch with the frosting bag.

(And wears an APRON and little red READING GLASSES, my god.)

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13. He will come over and build your Ikea furniture for you.

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14. He’s not too cool to let it show when he’s a little scared.

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15. He always makes sure to check in with his mom.

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16. He’s a secret sweetheart.

Cheek kissing! An under-appreciated art.

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17. He’s a great motivator.

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And if he accidentally makes you cry in the process his apology will be really good and sincere.

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18. He’s totally (almost) ready to listen.


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19. When he hugs you it’s like being wrapped up in a compact and sexy cocoon.

ID: 2256342

20. He’s always just a little bit sweaty. (From being so hot. Haha.)

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Just a LITTLE bit sweaty all the time is fine basically.

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21. He does rumpled/masculinized work attire better than ANYone.

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22. He is an inexplicably sexy dancer.

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I don’t totally know what I’m looking at. I just know my mouth is open.

ID: 2256225

23. Actually yeah let’s just watch that whole thing again, and again.

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And againnnnn, forever, until we are all turned to dust.

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