19 Side Effects Of Majoring In Political Science

Do you want to talk about 2016 election prospects? No??

1. You have Constitution/Founding Father-related jokes you try to explain to your non-poli-sci friends.

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2. You love a good national security policy presidential debate zinger.

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3. When you told your extended family you “weren’t sure” what to do with your degree, and you always knew what they’d say.

ID: 1604124

4. It’s complicated for you to describe how you feel about The West Wing.

ID: 1604570

5. This is what your refrigerator/bag/laptop/car/walls look like.

ID: 1605442

6. You’ve got perfectly fine reasons for not going out on the weekends.

ID: 1604127

7. You remember the first time you were assigned Foucault.

ID: 1604147

8. And now you reference him constantly. Sometimes even correctly.

ID: 1604420

9. You feel like you need coffee more than everyone else, because you’re in politics, but really everyone needs coffee. But not as much as you.

ID: 1604279

10. Your reaction when your student group/sports team/Greek organization/work department needs a new president.

ID: 1604291

11. You have debate parties largely just as an excuse to do lots of this.

ID: 1604824

12. The Daisy Girl ad is forever imprinted into your brain.

ID: 1604481

13. Your email inbox is 60% Change.org petitions.

ID: 1605490

14. You’ve figured out a good non-engagement/unsubscribe-from-feed policy for certain friends/family around election time.

ID: 1605675

15. You have at least one story about meeting a politician and being totally starstruck.

ID: 1605374

16. You get a sick joy from hate-watching the weeknight pundit talk shows.

ID: 1605411

17. You know most opinion polls are total garbage (BUT THEY WON’T STOP COMING).

ID: 1605427

18. You have opinions on who the best presidential biographers are.

ID: 1605527

19. And this is your face when a friend tells you they probably won’t vote.

ID: 1604839

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