19 Reasons Kim Kelly Is The High School Bad Girl You Wanted To Be

Freaks and Geeks’ resident bad girl, Kim Kelly, is a total badass.

1. Kim Kelly has the DGAF attitude you can only aspire to.

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2. Kim knows how to get what she wants, and is happy to share her technique.

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3. But she’s also capable of being really, surprisingly sweet.

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4. Kim’s signature look is a blue jacket she shoplifted.

Crime is not COOL, per se, but. That’s a little cool, in high school terms.

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5. Kim Kelly really knows how to deliver a threat.

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6. Her menacing sneer is unparalleled, even among the meanest of mean girls.

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7. If you try to stay in on a weekend night, Kim Kelly will have none of it. She will make you do something FUN.

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8. She has the Holy Grail of hot high school boyfriends.

*tries and fails to whistle*

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9. But Kim calls Daniel on his shenanigans, even though he has the chiseled face of a marble god.

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10. Seriously. Kim does not have time for your attitude, Daniel Desario.

Even though you are so hot. So hot.

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11. Basically Kim Kelly makes you believe in true, high school bad kids love.

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12. Kim Kelly knows how to rock a bad girl braid.

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13. And a variety of interesting early-80s hair twists!

So cool. Everyone else will be doing it.

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14. She’s not *super* diplomatic, but you can always count on Kim to be honest.

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15. She runs the school with co-bully Karen Scarfolli, but don’t misunderstand who’s in charge.

(Hi, Rashida Jones!)

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16. If Karen Scarfolli steps out of line …

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17. … Karen Scarfolli can be eliminated.

ID: 2082411

18. Kim will stand up to Karen on behalf of your adorable little brother.

It doesn’t *hurt* that Karen also sucked her boyfriend’s finger, obviously.

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19. In the end, you know she’s always got your back.

And is game to lure you away from smart kids’ camp to a Grateful Dead tour.

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