17 Signs You’re A Lapsed Catholic

“Peace—” “And also with you.”

1. You don’t believe in the devil anymore, but you kind of talk about him like you still do.

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2. Like you’re not REALLY worried? But you’re a little worried.

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3. You still use a bunch of folksy swear word substitutes.

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4. And you can still feel the cold, creaky pews.

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5. It took you a while to separate red wine from Communion.

You got there eventually, though.

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6. You can still taste it.

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7. You have a permanent soft spot for insanely elaborate cathedrals.

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8. You will probably reflexively cross yourself in stressful situations for the rest of your life.

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9. People are surprised when they find out you can still recite the full Our Father and Hail Mary, as if you’d EVER forget.

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10. You have more confidence in your Biblical knowledge than someone who hasn’t touched it in 15-plus years should.

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11. You can’t watch The Exorcist. You just can’t. Nope. Don’t want to.

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12. You still think of Saint Christopher every time you get travel anxiety.

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13. You still feel bad eating meat on Fridays during Lent.

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14. When you go back to a church for a wedding, you’re not sure whether you should take Communion or not.

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15. You have a very specific set of crafting skills you may never get to use again.

ID: 3234373

16. You are still TERRIFIED of getting in trouble.

ID: 3234020

17. You’re sorry. You’re sorry. You’re so, so, so sorry.

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