21 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Summer Than You

How’s your summer going?

1. Anyone leaving the beach looking like this:

ID: 3413857

2. Anyone who shouldn’t be playing with fireworks:

ID: 3435441

3. And anyone too unlucky to be near them:

ID: 3416040

4. Anyone taking a morning jog at the beach:

ID: 3420666

5. Anyone too unlucky for water slides:

ID: 3413824

6. And anyone who gets stuck in the mud:

ID: 3414007

7. Anyone who passes out at a concert:

ID: 3414719

8. Anyone whose tan looks like Neapolitan ice cream:

ID: 3414277

9. Anyone who deserves to lose their shit:

ID: 3418149

10. Anyone who’s still attached to their kiddie pool:

ID: 3414060

11. Anyone who pops wheelies with three people on their bike:

ID: 3414197

12. Anyone who’s using this as an air conditioner:

ID: 3416379

13. Anyone who falls asleep at the beach:

ID: 3414226

14. Anyone whose food melts together from the heat.

ID: 3416589

15. Anyone who literally sweats balls:

ID: 3414664

16. Anyone’s who’s having a cool time at summer camp:

ID: 3421483

17. Anyone who calls it quits during their workout:

ID: 3444820

18. Anyone who thinks this is a good idea:

ID: 3415765

19. Anyone fakecationing to impress their friends:

ID: 3449445

20. Anyone who tries impressing a girl by the pool:

ID: 3415810

21. And anyone who tries showing off in front of the entire party:

ID: 3415636

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