"Fakecationing" Is The Perfect Meme For Bragging To Your Friends

Vacationing is way too expensive, anyway. #Facay.

1. Vacationing is expensive. But you know what’s NOT expensive? A good ol’-fashioned fake vacation, or fakecation:

2. Fakecationing is all about just putting yourself wherever you want to be.

3. All you need is your phone and some fingers:

4. And you’re automatically traveling all over the world:

5. You can be on any beach this beautiful, luscious planet has…

6. …even when you are really stuck at your dead-end, 9-to-5 job.

7. You can finally make that trip to New York City:

8. When you would never go near there in real life:

9. So beautiful:

10. Maybe even catch some exotic animals:

12. Or finally work on that tan of yours:

13. Ah, that sweet, sweet florescent lighting.

14. Just let your feet be free:

16. Finally catch a sunset in the world’s greatest city:

18. Brag about what mile of your bike ride you’re on:

20. Visit your favorite field in the world:

22. And maybe even catch some rays on the moon:

24. “Your brain can take you anywhere.” —Jeremiah Bullfrog

25. Add your own!

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